Nathan Thomas

Toronto, Canada

UI UX Designer & Content Strategist

I embark on every project as a journey of storytelling and innovation.
From Ideation to seamless
user interfaces. 


I craft experiences that leave lasting impressions. Let’s design a digital world where every click tells a beautiful story

What I Focus On

Design Thinking

User Centric Design

Interaction Design

Information Architecture



About Me

Hello there! I’m Nathan Thomas, a passionate UI/UX designer and content strategist with a creative soul.

I firmly believe that exceptional designs stem from being truly user-centric, and I constantly strive to craft experiences that resonate with and delight users.

Each pixel I craft is created with the end user in mind, ensuring not only a visually appealing design but one that enhances usability and user satisfaction.

Let’s collaborate and design a digital world that speaks to and enriches every user!”

Educational Journey
Bsc. Animation , Multimedia & Design
Interactive Media Management


Case Studies

Associate Content manager


Video Editor

Thomas & RAD

Video editing internship

Video Source Studios

Visual Designing Internhsip

C Space

I enjoy collaborating and creating great work together.

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Nathan Thomas

Nathan Thomas

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